Tuesday, October 26, 2010


we are really really scary in this picture! we are ready for halloween! and you guys are invited for my party!

 me and mommy had a sleepover and watched a scary movie called "Ichabod Crane". my favorite part was about the monster the guy with that had no head! and that was so cool! he had a mean horsie. i thought  ichabod in the movie was funny cause he had a big chin. there is a girl that is in the movie. she has a hat and a beautiful pink dress! and she has yellow hair.

 i am so silly! i'm in my curious george pajamas!
 knock knock. (whos' there?) chicken. (chicken who?) chicken butt!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

maes photography

it was so fun when i took a picture of the fruit
 it has hello kitty and strawberries on it! hello kitty is adorable she's a cat and there are hearts right by her and i'm so excited my mom gave this hello kitty cup to me! its mine now, cause now i'm too big and i drink water now! but i still love milk!
 my cat. i love my cat, he's so cute and furry! i love him so much.
 i love my pancakes, they're so yummy! that's all!
 i love the cookie pancakes are so yummy and yummy and yummy and yummy and yummy!
 i love my daddy so good and good!
 my toes are funny!
 i hate this funny picture but i like it a yittle bit.
 i love my furry mae mae! i love that one a lot, and she's a furry girl. i know she's furry but....(starts singing)


i love you! i have a cat and hims name is Biff. he's a baby cat, i love him so much. M-A-E. we love you and this is not a good day but you can move if you want to. we moved right now and just go right and left and towards too our house.

i have a skirt
i have a shirt
and i have a stop! uh....blue eyes
i like to play tricks
and me and my mom and my dad have to get in things i haven't been in for two hours.
and i have a loose tooth!

love, mae

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