Friday, April 29, 2011

Mae to Grandma Jenny
"Um...Grandma? Sometimes when my mom isn't home and my mom doesn't know, she lets me use her makeup."

Ah the reasoning of a four year old.

I also wanted to write about what a tender heart Mae has. She is really sensitive to other peoples feelings. I showed her the video of photographs I took of my mom while she was going through her last round of chemo, and she came into the room after she was done watching it and she was trying so hard not to cry. She kept pulling on the skin under her eyes and kept asking why her eyes were getting wet. She couldn't understand what she was feeling, and she was getting so mad about her emotions. I kept telling her it was okay to be sad and cry, seeing Grandma sick is hard.
Then we watched "Little Miss Broadway" a Shirley Temple movie. At the beginning, Shirley is in an orphanage and Mae asked why all of the little girls were living in the same big house. I explained to her about orphans and adopting and she starting tugging at her eyes again, trying not to cry. The thought of someone not having a family really upset her. We had to tell her it was okay to feel sad, she was getting really mad again about it. I don't know why. She kept saying she wasn't crying, her eyes were just getting wet. I think she has a hard time understanding why she feels so sad.
Yesterday I threw away some of her underwear that was too small. She saw them in the garbage and took them out and asked why I had thrown them away. I told her they were too small for her. She got really upset about it and said that we needed to give them to a little kid that didn't have money to buy underwear. I told her that underwear isn't usually something people buy second hand. She said we could wash them. I kept trying to explain to her, and then she started crying and was so upset and insisted that we give them to someone who really needs them. She was so worried that a little kid out there wouldn't have any underwear.
And then the other day she was telling Tom and I about a bad dream she had had. Caitlyn (her cousin) was getting tied up by mean men over a fire. As she is telling us this she starts getting choked up and can hardly go on. Then she says that they were trying to get her. She said she ran away and found mommy and we went home. Throughout this she was crying until she got to the part where we all went home and then she was smiling.
She is a sweet little thing.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Things Mae has said recently:

Out of nowhere: "So if we put our hand in the oven and it gets burned that means we have to eat it?"

I got after Mae for not listening and she said with hands on hips:"Mom, that's just what I DO. I don't listen very much!"