Wednesday, September 26, 2012


You are 5, almost 6 now. It's been awhile since we've written on this, but reading your baby journal inspired me to start up again. It was really fun to flip through those pages and read silly and sweet stories about you. You and I sat on the couch, giggling and snuggling up. 5 years is not that much, but it feels like you've been with us forever.

We are currently living in Mesa, Arizona, right next door to the house my grandmother grew up in. The house we are renting is 115 years old. It's very charming, and you love the skeleton key we use to lock the bathroom door.
The owner of my grandmothers house is also the owner of the house we are renting, and she has become a great friend. Her name is Janice, and I'm sure when you read this later in life you will remember her because she will be in our lives forever. She is like family. You adore her, and you guys have play dates. She picks you up from school every Thursday and takes you to Dairy Queen. You guys play hopscotch and watch Mr. Rogers.

You are going to a very small charter school called New Horizon. It's a performing Arts School, which is what sold mommy on it right away. I wish I had that kind of school when I was your age.
You skipped kindergarten cause you're so dang smart, and you are loving 1st grade. We are having so much fun watching you learn so much! You are a fast learner.

You are an amazing big sister to Sawyer. He absolutely adores you and you adore him. It's beautiful watching you two together. You have nothing but his best interest at heart and show him love and kindess.

Right now you are into Monster High, Justin Beiber, singing, dancing, and art. You are an incredible artist!

You have lost 5 teeth already! We are afraid you will need braces.
Today we cut your hair off. About 10 1/2 inches. I looked over into the bathroom where I had left the scissors from trimming my bangs earlier. You were snipping away at the front of your hair. I was so upset, and when I told you we would have to cut your hair you started sobbing. You didn't want to cut your hair off, I think you just thought it would be fun to cut some parts of it and thought it would look pretty. But once I said we could finally donate your hair to Locks of Love, AND your hair would look like your best friends McKaylas hair, you lit right up and were on board. Now you have a little a-line and you look so grown-up! My beautiful girl :)